In September 2012, a Japan-based jewelry brand “masae” was born.
The designer of masae, Masae Yamamura has always loved making things like
clothes, book covers, purses and of course jewelry since she was a child.
She learned how to design and make by playing with fabric and tools and took art course at high school,
and completed with a Bachelor of Adverting and Marketing at uni to blush up her creative aspect.
She worked as a sales assistant and a buyer and now she shares her passion with you all through masae jewelry.
After launching her eponymous jewelry lable, masae has been featured on Nikkei MJ and other magazines and editorials,
also named as one of up-coming Japanese designers in The Next Generation Fashion Designer book.

masae -magazine- is a jewelry, fashion and lifestyle blog by Masae Yamamura, a jewelry designer of masae.