Detail - masae lovesMary Katrantzou F/W 2011 - masae loves Givenchy Haute Couture - masae loves Chanel haute couture - masae loves Chanel fall 2011 - masae loves



A masterpiece of wonderful hand embroidery that to take my breath away.
Those photos makes me remind of what “beauty” is.
Beauty is not only about what it appears or what you see but it is also about what’s behind : A piece that takes probably like one year to finish by craft men/women, An amazing skill of pattern maker to make a cloth fits your body perfectly or what was on designer’s mind comes alive that get you inspired.


Photos : 1, 2 – Mary Katrantzou F/W 2011, 3 – Givenchy Haute Couture, 4 – Chanel Haute Couture, 5 – Chanel 2011 Fall Haute Couture


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